Artificial ChristmasTree Advice

Advice to assist you in your choice of Artificial Christmas tree.

Hook on branches v Hinged branches.;
Artificial Christmas trees can be either Hook on or Hinged  construction;

Hook on Construction: This is where each branch is colour coded and the branches are hooked on to the corresponding colour coded receptor on the main stem.The advantages of Hook on branches  are, the trees are more full and generally go all the way to the ground, no gaps at the bottom .All our Tree Classics trees are Hook On .

Hinged Construction;In this case the tree will normally come in three parts, head,middle and bottom , the branches are already attached to the stem.The three parts are assembled ,the branches need only be fluffed .The advantage is the tree is quicker to assemble. The disadvantage the trees are  not as full and do not go all the way to the ground.

Tip Count : This is the number of tips on an artificial tree .The greater the number of tips the more full the tree.

PVC v PE material .

PVC trees:

Up until about 6  years ago most artificial Christmas trees were made from PVC  (PolyVinyl Chloride).PVC  film is wrapped around the metal branches  the film forms tips of different shapes, lengths and colours ..The tips are then "fluffed out" to give the tree its shape.

PE trees.Real feel tips

The tips for this type of trees are made from PE (Polyetheylene). The tips are moulded from the branches of real fir trees.This makes PE trees very realistic,people of think our PE trees are real !


Pre-lit  Artificial Christmas trees.

All our Pre-lit Artificial Christmas trees are made by Tree Classics.

The led lights are  placed  at the end of the tips to give that  the wow factor.

Each branch has its own power supply ,if one branch or one led bulb fails, the rest will continue to light.

The led lights are replaceable and some spare leds are included with the tree.The lifetime of the bulbs is estimated at 50,000 hours.

Our prelit artifical Christmas trees have their own Low Voltage transformer.The wiring for the lights is practically invisible.

See the short video below of how to put the branches on a pre-lit hook on tree.

How to put the branches on a pre-lit Hook on tree